Legends and Liquor

How many yarns have been spun down at the local bar or pub? When the liquor gets flowing the tales get tall. Local legends and ghost stories have been spreading for generations. We all know the story of The Hookman, Bigfoot or the old man who lived in the decrepit old house who is supposed to eat children.  We have all felt the fear of the monster under your bed of the ghosts in the graveyard. I’m sure your family has stories that have passed from grandparents to grandchildren about the boogyman or the creature that lives in the woods behind their house. Well that’s why we’re here. We want to see if there is any validity to these legends by talking to people who may have heard stories about all of the weird, wacky and strange things that are part of their local landscape.

For those of you who may not know us we have always had a fascination with all things that give you the willies. We’re on the hunt for stories of the strange and unusual. Have you experienced an alien abduction? Been on a sunny vacation in South America and caught a glimpse of El Chupacabra? Been to Jersey and seen the Devil? Do you have strange orbs or mists on pictures you’ve taken in a place that is known to be haunted? Do you have a story about a family heirloom that is said to be cursed or a local legend people may not know about? Then we’re looking for you!

The only proper way to share your story is over a pint. We would love to meet you at a local small bar, pub or diner to hear your stories. We love to give local places our business and what better way to break the ice  than over a drink. So hit us up! Email, leave a comment or send a raven. We’ll make it happen! Help us get to he bottom of your story as we get to the bottom of a pint.